02/28/2017 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

Bath & Circulation Thermostats

Lauda Pro has introduced bath thermostats for precise internal temperature control from -100 to 250°C, and efficient circulation thermostats for dynamic heating and cooling of external applications from -45 to 250°C.

Three high-temperature and six low-temperature thermostats with different bath volumes of 10, 20 and 30 liters are available for internal temperature control. All devices provide a high level of temperature stability and homogeneity. Very low filling volume, and a powerful vario flex pump facilitate dynamic temperature control with minimum energy consumption. Users can choose between two control units.

The basic version option provides all important parameters on an ultra-bright and high contrast OLED display. Individual program items are easy to control. The Command Touch operating unit is equipped with a large and brilliant 5.7” multi-touch screen, with menu icons that can be organized individually.

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