02/28/2017 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

917 Ti-Touch - Coulometer

Coulometric Titration

Metrohm’s 917 Ti-Touch Coulometer is a compact, stand-alone instrument integrating control unit, magnetic stirrer, and the pump for reagent exchange into a single, space-saving design.

It provides user safety with its integral pump: Reagent exchange at the push of a button prevents contact with Karl Fischer reagent at all times. Crucial parameters such as number of determinations, reagent capacity, drift, etc. are monitored at all times. Ease of use is ensured by automated transfer of sample weight; each user can start his or her favorite applications (up to 14) at a single tap on the color touchscreen. Titration starts automatically after the sample has been added. Paperless reports can be generated and saved at the USB port to a flash drive or to a network drive.

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