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Disposable samplers DispoSampler

For the highest standards in sampling

The Bürkle disposable samplers – DispoSampler – are used to take samples of liquids, viscous media, powders and granulates. Target point samples can be taken, all-layer and cross-section samples, as well as small and large sample quantities.

Unlike conventional reusable samplers, disposable samplers do not need to be cleaned after use. This is a major advantage of our disposable samplers, because the cleaning of reusable samplers is a demanding and often complicated task, with greasy, strongly adhesive or toxic substances. Sometimes the task is even impossible. Cross contamination is therefore completely eliminated. Work processes do not have to be interrupted by cleaning and the cleaning method does not need to be validated in audits. In this way, time and money are saved.

LaboPlast® DispoSampler are produced, assembled and packaged in class 7 clean room (10.000). SteriPlast® DispoSampler are additionally sterilised by gamma rays. All DispoSampler do have an EU foodstuffs and FDA approval.

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