06/01/2017 • Machine safety, industrial safety


Safety Light Barriers

The SLB 240/440 series safety light barriers are extremely small and have built-in analysis. They are simple and quick to install, even in confined spaces. SLB are ideal for safeguarding hazardous areas with small openings, e.g. loading machines for printed circuit boards. They have safe semiconductor outputs (2 x PNP) and can be included directly into the safety circuit, even without external safety evaluation. They can also be used for process protection. In high-shelf warehouses, they allow object recognition and height recording, for example. In the autonomous transport of packaged products, they can detect deviations from pre-defined positions and prevent damage.

All SLB versions have a visual set-up guide which makes commissioning significantly easier. The SLB models have 4-way coding which allows up to four sensor plates in one direction to be operated on one application without affecting one another. Configuration does not require tools such as PCs or commissioning systems, it simply uses a command device (button). Set-up, automatic and restart modes and a diagnostics mode are available.

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