ENTR smart lock

ENTR Smart Door Lock

The ENTR smart lock is the easiest way to bring your home entrance into the digital age. Replace an existing lock cylinder with an ENTR lock and you can access your home or office using a smartphone app via an encrypted Bluetooth connection. Users can add accessories to enable unlocking via keypad PIN, remote control or fingerprint wall reader. ENTR lock mechanics are based on patented high-security technologies from Europe’s most trusted locking brands, delivering a class-leading combination of physical and electronic security.  

ENTR also benefits those you want to let in, in a smart and flexible way. With ENTR, there’s no longer any need to cut spare keys for kids, cleaners, carers or temporary workers. It takes a couple of swipes on your phone screen to share digital keys with family or anyone who needs to enter your home or office — and to revoke those keys instantly when required. ENTR also locks itself automatically when you exit. 

And because ENTR is powered by rechargeable batteries that require only 16 hours’ charging per year over a 5-year lifespan, it’s cheap to run and has a kind environmental footprint. Recyclable packaging and battery, as well as a lock that’s 90% recyclable, further enhance its sustainability credentials.   

ENTR works as a stand-alone door lock. Because it’s built using standard protocols, it also integrates seamlessly into several leading smart home and home automation ecosystems, allowing you to control your front door lock from the same interface that operates the thermostat, lighting, smoke alarms or other devices around a smart home. 

What’s so smart about an ENTR smart door lock? 

  • One easy installation puts you in control of front-door security 
  • Greater convenience for you and anyone who needs access to your home, because you can issue digital keys to kids, a cleaner, carer or visitors — and cancel them instantly 
  • Open the lock via Bluetooth, PIN, remote control or fingerprint 
  • Automatic locking means no more worrying whether you remembered to close the door 
  • Works as a stand-alone lock or as part of an integrated smart home system 
  • Manufactured and packed sustainably, and extremely energy-efficient to run 

    For more information, visit: www.entrlock.com 
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