01/12/2017 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

Hygienic Dispenser VHD

Optimized filling processes in the food and cosmetics sectors

ViscoTec promises huge potential for optimising precision dosing in the food and cosmetics sectors – with its new Hygienic Dispenser VHD. Based on ViscoTec’s proven endless piston principle, the dispenser impresses not only with its accuracy and precision but also with its ability to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements. 

Dosing and delivering micro doses is a breeze for the VHD. The new dispenser is even capable of delivering or applying difficult high-viscosity liquids with aplomb. Decorative finishes with icing or chocolate or even the delivery of complex cosmetic products can be achieved with simple process steps.

Hygienic Dispenser VHD (628 KB)

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