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Aperio wireless access control

Aperio wireless access control to expand any installed system

Aperio enables the cost-effective extension of access control systems supplied by any manufacturer. With Aperio technology, premisescan integrate non-wired doors with mechanical locks into their existing access control systems. As a result, security managers have greater control, can easily respond to organisational changes, and only need to monitor a single security system, while users only require a single RFID access control smart card or other credential.

An access control system is standard equipment for any large building, and provides a high standard of security. However, installing access-controlled doors is expensive, due to the extensive wiring required. That is why access control systems often only cover doors with very high security requirements. Other doors have mechanical locks, and therefore cannot be monitored or managed. This is where Aperio technology comes in.

Doors merely need to be equipped with battery-powered Aperio locking cylinders, escutcheons or locks with RFID readers and linked to the access control system online via a communications hub, or offline via “data on card”. The result is a fully integrated, more comprehensive access control system that includes both wired and wireless-enabled doors.

Why wireless? Why Aperio?

  • Aperio wireless locks are a cost-effective way to extend access control systems
  • Wireless and battery-powered locks are easy and quick to install, and much cheaper to run than    traditional wired electronic locks
  • The technology is built using open standards, so Aperio integrates seamlessly with almost 100 leading access control systems
  • The Aperio range has cylinders, escutcheons and complete locks for all kinds of door formats, interior and exterior, as well as server racks
  • Aperio wireless access control is deployed and trusted all over Europe, in settings as diverse as health care, education, offices, large arenas and industrial plants

    For more information, visit: www.assaabloy.co.uk/aperiowirelesslocks
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