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Convenient Use of Network Technology

 IP-based networks are already available in pubs and restaurants, smaller commercial properties and shops as well as at modern residential premises. This is ideal for the COMFORT line from MONACOR which features perfectly matched individual components.

The COMFORT line is a plug-and play solution which provides an easy installation and a highly convenient operation. The 4-channel recorder IOR-204 and the 8-channel recorder IOR-208 are the basis of the set configuration and thanks to the network protocol are not only compatible with cameras of the COMFORT line.

The COMFORT line from MONACOR features two weatherproof 3 megapixel cameras with zoom lens and an adjustable viewing angle from 35° to 89°. When combined with the IOR recording system, the power is supplied via network which is also sufficient to operate the 42 infrared LEDs of the camera IOC-2812BV or IOC-2812DV.

With the 4 sets IOZ-204BV, IOZ-204DV, IOZ-408BV and IOZ-408DV, MONACOR provides the easiest way to start with high-quality video surveillance. Each set features a built-in hard disk with 2 TB and each camera contained in the sets is also supplied with a network cable (20 m). The current security catalogue 'Security Technology 2017' from MONACOR includes detailed product information as well as excellent illustrations for the surveillance of smaller commercial properties. Just compare the floor plan of your premises, indicate the detection areas of the cameras, draw in the camera positions and consider the segments not to be surveilled. The catalogue is available free of charge at www.monacor.de.

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