12/10/2014 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Mega Pixel Objectives

Bi-Telecentric Mega Pixel Objectives

Opto telecentric lenses have been developed for high-precision measurement applications in machine vision. The advantage of these high-quality optics lies in their dual-side telecentric imaging function (i.e. bi-telecentric function). Due to the object-side telecentricity being spatially extended, three-dimensional objects are imaged with zero error perspective. Due to image side telecentricity, the system is far less reliant on the mechanical tolerances of the camera, and exhibits a far more uniform projection onto the camera chip with zero vignetting.

Together with its high depth of field, and extremely low distortion, telecentric lenses from Opto are the perfect choice for ultra high reliability optical measurements.

All Opto telecentrics are optimized for C-mount cameras with chip sizes up to 2/3“, and represent the ideal solution for measurements of precision components with the best price/performance ratio.


  • Large field depth
  • No perspective error with three dimensional objects
  • Homogeneous image acquisition with high light sensitivity
  • High resolution object- and image side telecentric imaging
  • Universal C-Mount lenses
  • QuadraMount available for easy integration

Applications & Markets

  • Measurement of profiles
  • Determination of diameters
  • Adjustment of electronic components
  • Measurement of objects with large height
  • C-Mount cameras supported up to 2/3“


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