10/08/2012 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Basler ace acA2000-50g_NIR

NIR-sensitive GigE Area Scan Cameras

The two 2 and 4 MP monochrome models of the Basler ace CMOSIS GigE cameras are now available as NIR-optimized variants. Compared to the regular mono cameras, they achieve double the sensitivity at wavelengths of 900 nm. Thus, they offer decisive advantages under bad lighting conditions or at night, and they are an ideal choice for surveillance tasks, intelligent traffic systems, or biometrics.

The price/performance ratio for these models is remarkable. The ace NIR variants exceed even high-quality CCD cameras in matters of image quality and sensitivity. At the same time, they are far less expensive and faster, so that users will benefit from this camera innovation in every respect.

acA2000-50gmNIR: 2 MegaPixel (2048 x 1088), 50 fps
acA2040-25gmNIR: 4 MegaPixel (2048 x 2048), 25 fps


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