08/31/2012 • Automation • Machine safety, industrial safety

DEHNsecure protects d.c. Applications

The modular devices of the DEHNsecure product family are coordinated lightning current arresters with a discharge capacity of 25 kA (10/350) and a functional design. They can be energy coordinated with type 2 surge arresters of the DEHN Red/ Line product family without additional cable length.

The DEHNsecure arresters combine high performance and user-friendliness in a single device. Their electrical parameters were rated for the most stringent requirements in lightning and surge protection systems. The modular design of the DEHNsecure arresters makes them safe and user-friendly. The vibration-proof module locking system, for example, is unique. The mechanically coded base part and protection module ensure against installing an incorrect replacement module.

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