05/30/2012 • Sensor Technology

May I introduce myself: pico+ - the upgrade!

The pico+ ultrasonic sensors are the smallest cylindrical sensors in microsonic's product line. They are now available in four ranges, with a measurement range from 20 mm up to 1.3 m. With three different output signals, this sensor family covers a broad range of applications.

The slim beam spread and a resolution of up to 0.069 mm allow even smaller objects to be sensed with high precision and slight differences in heights to be detected reliably.

The compact series with M18 threaded sleeve and only 41 mm housing length is available in two housing variants: with an axial beam direction or with a 90° angled head.

The pico+ sensors are easy to set up using microsonic's familiar teach-in, and can be synchronised if needed.

The particular highlight of the pico+ ultrasonic sensors is their complete support of the IO-Link interface. The switching output can be used to allow the sensors to communicate with an IO-Link-capable controller or an IO-Link master.

All pico+ sensors are now available in a robust metal variant, including metal plugs – at no extra charge. That means they are even better equipped against mechanical stress.

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