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Grease mist separators

Corrosion proof and in compliance with the Ecodesign directive

The private limited company Rentschler REVEN Lüftungssysteme GmbH based at Sersheim in the Württemberg region distributes highly efficient grease mist separators. The air cleaning equipment of chromium steel is suitable for food production in compliance with hygienic requirements. The purely mechanical separators work in accordance with the cyclone principle: The repeated deflection of the airflow provides for the ejection of grease particles.

This process ensures that the separators clean themselves automatically, a benefit that traditional filters do not offer. The grease flows down on the surfaces of the polished fins into a collecting channel. The exhaust air duct is kept dry and free from grease, which helps to improve structural fire protection. The separators are flame arresting in accordance with DIN 18869-5.

Since lately, they are fitted with energy-saving fans in compliance with the Ecodesign directive*, which stipulates minimum efficiency rates for energy-related products sold in the EU from 2013 on. According to REVEN, the new fans reduce the energy consumption of the separators by at least 20 per cent.

* The Ecodesign directive introduces minimum efficiencies for energy-related product such as fans.

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