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The world’s most compact safety laser scanner with 270° scanning angle, 2 m protective field range, up to 16 field sets and 32 monitoring cases

Safety laser scanner in miniature design - Small but select
An evolution in size, coupled with a revolution of application optimization and flexibility – that’s the new compact safety laser scanners of the S300 Mini product family from SICK.

The construction height of only 116 mm makes the S300 Mini the world’s most compact safety laser scanner of its kind. The “space miracle in yellow” allows installation with minimum space required, while at the same time it is designed so flexibly as to meet the demands of the most diverse operating conditions and user wishes. Moreover, obviously the S300 Mini series fulfills not only the technical safety requirements of performance level d in accordance with EN ISO 13849 as well as SIL2 in accordance with IEC 61508, but also the demands on optoelectronic safety equipment in accordance with Type 3 of IEC 61496.

Safety in pure form: the S300 Mini Standard
SICK designed the S300 Mini Standard as a basic technical solution. The range of the 270° protective field is 2 m, within which one can program a triple field set with one protective and two warning zones. The device features one pair of OSSDs (output signal switchting device) serving as a direct switching output. Safety in pure form as provided by the S300 Mini is required in numerous simple tasks when economic efficiency matters, for instance, using the S300 Mini Standard as a wearfree replacement of tactile pressure sensitive mats, and as a
safety sensor for protecting simple AGVs.

Safety “deluxe”: S300 Mini Remote
When there is minimal installation space, combined with the requirements of complex safety applications, the S300 Mini Remote safety laser scanner is the appropriate solution. By using this device, one can realize up to 16 triple field sets – ideal e.g. for AGV applications but also for automated forklift trucks or railmounted transverse distribution cars. On top of that, by means of the latest generation of the EFI (enhanced function interface), and by using the Flexi Soft safety controller from SICK, it is possible to combine up to four electrosensitive protective devices, e.g. two S3000 Experts and two S300 Mini Remotes, into a network. By doing so, one can easily implement even complex protective tasks.

Whether in area protection on stationary machines or in detecting obstacles in the case of autonomous vehicles – in both instances, the S300 Mini delivers convincing performance due to its high level of flexibility, ease of integration, and reliability.

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