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eyevis omniSHAPES - small projection units, whose screen modules can be almost arbitrarily arranged

The small displays with the big possibilities

The new eyevis omniSHAPES, that are able to produce projected areas in different shapes, present themselves surprisingly small but overwhelmingly flexible in their applicability.

omniSHAPES are small projection units, whose screen modules can be almost arbitrarily arranged.

eyevis created a completely new type of device with the development of this display, that because of his product characteristics draws a high amount of attention. They are applicable individually or as units in bigger projection walls, because every module has its own internal signal processor for the perfect geometrical modulation of the input signal on the part of the overall picture that has to be displayed.

The projections are in an impressive quality thanks to the eyevis LED Technology. Pin sharp and in amazingly bright colours. And - they are suitable for every color temperature. The new LED-Technology of eyevis offers long-lasting color fidelity and advanced color adjustment opportunities.

The new developed Multi-Cube Color-Brightness-Adjustment option allows the fully automatic adjustment and the alignment of every omniSHAPE in a connected video wall. Readjustments are not necessary any more.

The technical constitution of the omniSHAPES follows the modular principle. The displays consist of only three basic components: the projection screen in the front, the baseframe in the middle and the projector in the back.

Next to many other advantages, that are due to that, there is no need to replace the whole device but most of the time only the projector unit, when there are maintenance and repair works that can't be done on-site.

The maintenance of the devices is possible from the front as well as from the back.

Generally the focus during the development of the device lay upon simple installation, appliance and maintenance. Also upon long durability and high operating safety that is assure through the use of qualitative high-value components in approved eyevis quality. Convincing technique that is cutting edge - that's what eyevis stands for.

Technical Data:

  • Display sizes /shapes: 4:3 corresponds to 480 mm x 360 mm, also possible: 16:9, 16:10, 1:1, heptagonal, hexagonal or other, requirement specific shapes
  • Depth of the entire unit: 410 mm
  • Resolution: depending on display form, 4:3 corresponds to 1024 x 768 Pixel
  • Weight: 12,9 Kg
  • Input: DVI Single Link up to 2k resolution
  • Internal split processor
  • Integrated shading technology with True Colour Sensor for best possible brightness and colour homogeneity across all modules of a display wall
  • DVI Loop Through Funktion
  • Stand Alone concept: no external processor unit is necessary due to the internal signal processing
  • Building block architecture: Projector unit is independent and can be separated independently from the pane unit and the base frame
  • Stackable frame concept with integrated air ducts
  • Flexible installation options: standing, lying or suspended (suspended from above) without special assembly systems
  • LED powered: more than 60.000 hours durability, no projector lamps, no colour wheel

And they have good arguments for it. The modular concept, the omniSHAPES are built upon, alone offers many advantages. AV-suppliers for example only need to have a limited number of projectors on stock, that can be equipped with the in a higher number available baseframes and projection screens in different shapes and then be delivered. Especially in the field of renting of audio-visual components for events they are an important economic factor. The high practical value is without a doubt due to the many different shapes, that the eyevis omniSHAPES are available in. Whether in classical formats like 16:9 and 4:3, in squarish, alveolate or in doable other shapes, they are ideal for the application in advertisement, events and information.

Through their concept they are predestinated for the construction of different projected areas, sizes and shapes. Even rolling or curved walls are possible. And through their small dimensions of the single displays they fit for almost every spatial situation. Unlimited opportunities for space - with a surprising effect because rectangular and flat was yesterday! eyevis omniSHAPES are so versatile, they always show the right stage setting, no matter what size and shape and for which occasion. The high variability of the modules even allows special shapes for extra challenging operation purposes. Self supporting or flying constructions can be realized, because the bolting of the Shapes provides for the necessary stability. Through the funnel-shaped construction of the baseframe and the variability of the shapes, concave, straight or convex forms are possible, there are (almost) no limits for your creativity. Look and see for yourself, ask for our new omniSHAPES brochure or let us show you the many advantages here on-site.

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