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Universal Powder Tester: FT4 Powder Rheometer

The FT4 Powder Rheometer is a universal powder tester - three instruments in one, combining the Freeman Technology patented blade methodology for measuring flow energy along with a range of shear cells, wall friction modules and other accessories for measuring bulk properties. The methodologies allow measurement of:

  • Flow energy in relation to many variables and all packing states
  • Shear properties of consolidated and unconsolidated powders
  • Bulk properties – precision bulk density, compressibility and permeability
  • Process variables such as moisture, attrition and segregation

The FT4 Powder Rheometer accessories available include:

  • Three sizes of testing vessel: 25, 50 and 62mm diameter for different samples sizes.
  • Aeration Control module to aerate/fluidise powder samples
  • Compaction accessories for consolidating powder
  • Shear cell modules – three sizes down to the 1ml cell
  • Wall friction modules to measure powder on metal interaction

The above methodologies and system accessories allow powder samples to be comprehensively characterised for the extremes of packing and environmental conditions that occur in everyday processing. The optimal approach for powder assessment is firstly to use testing methodologies that provide reproducible data and secondly to evaluate flow performance in ways that relate to powder behaviour in real industrial processes. This means quantifying the effects of consolidation, vibration, segregation, moisture uptake, fines, aeration, flow rate, air entrainment and a number of other factors. Such characterisation using complementary methodologies has wide application in the formulation, processing and QC sectors of most powder processing industries.

FT4 User Benefits

The features and benefits of the FT4 Powder Rheometer are outlined below:

  • Three instruments in one – dynamic flow, shear cell and compression tester
  • Powder conditioning that allows exceptional reproducibility of measurement
  • Automated testing and analysis – independent of the operator
  • Quick and straightforward operation – tests completed in minutes
  • Ability to evaluate consolidated, conditioned, aerated and even fluidised powders
  • Unique measurement of aeratability of powders
  • Small sample volume – down to 1ml in the case of the miniature shear cell
  • Three test vessel standards – 25, 50 and 62mm diameter for different sample volumes
  • Family of three shear cells, 80, 10 and 1ml capacities
  • High sensitivity dynamic mode for differentiating between physically and chemically similar powders
  • Can evaluate process variables such as attrition and segregation


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