08/08/2011 • Access control and clocking • Building Security

NFC-based Method to Transfer Access Authorisation: Smartphones Now Open Doors

SimonsVoss presented a Study of an innovative NFC- and mobile telephone-based method that allows access authorisations to be transmitted to mobile phones. This technology is likely to be used in the future in the areas of home care and field maintenance in particular. In the past it was inconvenient for carers and maintenance staff to obtain the appropriate keys and then to return them. A lot of valuable working time was wasted in the process.

The new NFC-based key distribution technology from SimonsVoss now allows to transfer access authorisations from an operations centre to a smartphone for a limited period on a day-to-day basis. The mobile phone then communicates via an NFC interface with the relevant SimonsVoss component (locking cylinder, door fitting, SmartRelais). Doors, gates and barriers open automatically if the authorisation is correct.

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