06/21/2011 • Video security and monitoring

PTZ robot with automatic 3D intruder tracking

The BWA DiSCAN PTZ robot is a compact speed dome system that analyzes video content from multiple highly sensitive panoramic cameras providing real time PTZ intruder tracking. Equipped with an unobtrusive housing, it has been designed for continuous 24/7 operation under minimum street lighting. An integrated emergency power supply is available as an option.

A detection radius of 50 to 120 meters can be achieved depending on the number and viewing angles of the internal cameras in the system. This allows for the control of an area of as large as one hectare (2.5 acres) with a single observation unit. The resolution of the visual coverage corresponds to a CCTV camera distance of roughly three to five meters. The optical system is preconfigured and ready for immediate deployment. It can also be modified to match local conditions for providing more efficient in securing extended or asymmetrical areas through varying camera angles.

An integrated H.264 encoder allows for capacity-saving FIFO video recording on up to two independent NAS units (Network Attached Storage) while simultaneously recording on an optional internal mini-SDHC card. With internal storage installed, full triplex DVR functionality via LAN is supported. An additional analog video output allows for easy integration with CCTV equipment such as a spot monitors or DVRs.

PLEASE CONSIDER: This product has new features. Details here: www.mybwa.com/en/discan_ptz.html

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