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HI 832xx-02 Series

HANNA’s improved Series of Multiparameter Photometers

The HI 832xx-02 Series "Version 2008" of multiparameter photometers from HANNA instruments for water analysis offers all features from the previous popular series plus upgrades and improvements that make these instruments easier to use and more versatile.

Redesigned it features a more sophisticated optical system for greater reproducibility and a cuvet compartment door that eliminates light disturbances. A backlit display with on-screen help guides the user step by step through the measurement process. Furthermore data can be logged and transferred to a PC via USB.

Models and their application:
For laboratories HI 83200-02 (up to 44 water parameters!)
For education HI 83209-02
For aquaculture HI 83203-02
For boiler and cooling towers HI 83205-02
For environmental testing HI 83206-02
For industrial wastewater HI 83207-02
For municipal wastewater HI 83213-02
For water conditioning HI 83208-02
For soil nutrient analysis HI 83215-02, HI 83225-02
For pools and spas HI 83216-02, HI 83226-02


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