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Intelligent Protection for Doors

The mechatronic Secvest 2-way wireless additional door locks from Abus Security-Center offer effective protection from unwanted visitors: They provide huge mechanical resistance of over a ton against intruders while the alarm system already raises the alarm.

The various wireless and hybrid alarm systems can also be conveniently activated and deactivated using the Secvest 2-way wireless additional door locks. Even when the alarm system is deactivated, the lock stays in surveillance mode and can detect a break-in attempt. While the mechanism prevents the intruder from breaking in, the centre is automatically activated and triggers the alarm.

Just like a smoke detector, the wireless additional door lock alerts the alarm centre in case of an alarm. When blocking the wireless additional door lock, the alarm centre automatically switches to activated or deactivated.

The user is informed directly of the alarm system status through acoustic feedback. This prevents the alarm system from being inadvertently activated and prevents the user from forgetting to deactivate it.

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