04/15/2011 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Smartcam: topCam 6500/6510

topCam 6500/6510 is equipped with the newest DSP technology. With our efficient software we are able to read up to 10m/sec. with up to four different
types of code can be measured at very high speed and at the same time. We detect all 1D-/2D Codesymbologies, OCR/OCV plain writing and have also some functions of the industrial imageprocessing. Detection of Areas, attendance check, print control and much more could be solved by LabelControl.

topCam is set up with integrated LED lighting as standard. This system comprises a standard Ethernet TCP/IP and UDP interface which can be used for rapid date exchange as also two RS232 interfaces which allows a inprocess conrol. Hereby an interlinking of several topCam 6500 becomes possible easily. The logging of the reading data in a CSV File is also standard. Much more security of the process the operator gets with the Videoport which allows to see a live picture of the reading topCam. That´s really a good feature in practice.

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