03/16/2011 • Microscopy / Imaging

ViFox & ViAxos Software Options for Mantis Elite-Cam

Vision Engineering has introduced two new software options for their Mantis Elite-Cam, ViFox and ViAxos. The ViFox software allows users to easily set key parameters whilst viewing the live image, providing fast, precise imaging of samples and components. Easy to use with fast navigation, the ViFox is a good option for quick and easy image capture, file sharing and onscreen measurement.

ViAxos is an alternative software option for the Mantis Elite-Cam, providing advanced 2D measurement options such as feature to feature measurement. ViAxos also provides a digital zoom option so individual features can be inspected in greater detail.

Measurement data can be exported into Excel for further analysis. Both software options enable images to be stored as JPG, BMP, or PNG and provide 2D measurement of features including lines, circles, areas, and angles

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