02/16/2011 • Image processing / Optical metrology

e2v AViiVA II EM 512/1024

e2v EM2 and EM4 line scan cameras for OCT, Spectrometer and Machine-Vision

e2v introduces two new latest generation CCD sensors for the AViiVA-II line scan camera range, with 512 pixel and 1024 pixel resolution. With these new sensors, the AViiVA-II EM2 and EM4 cameras now extends from 512 pixels up to 4096 pixels, with Camera Link interfaces.

These new sensors, in addition to the 4k and 2k pixel sensors introduced in 2009, make AViiVA-II EM2 and EM4 the most complete line scan camera family on the market, and enable Machine Vision integrators to easily attain their needs from the AVIIVA camera family.

These cameras feature an unmatched 68 dB dynamic range, high responsivity of 164 DN/(nJ/cm2) at minimum gain, competing directly with dual line sensors, and an extremely low level of Pixel Response Non Uniformity (PRNU) that does not exceed 3%. The sensors can be operated through a Camera Link interface at a pixel rate of 80 MHz using 2 taps or at a pixel rate of 160 MHz using 4 taps

e2v is committed to pioneering highly innovative technologies that meet the needs of the Machine-Vision community. The new sensors are opening new perspectives in the most demanding applications.

OCT / Spectrometer Version with 14x28 µm and 10x20 µm pixel size, 70 dB dynamic range and Power Spectral Density <20.

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