09/09/2010 • Video security and monitoring

q24 Panorama: a better overview

The new panorama function of the q24 delivers a widescreen image of a high-resolution 180° allround view. This makes it possible to monitor entire rooms discreetly with a single camera. The q24 also zooms in on detail and can deliver together with the 180° panorama two more views simultaneously, making it possible to focus on two scenes and the overview at the same time. With a joystick and thanks to virtual PTZ, the camera is maintenance-free with no mechanical moving parts.

High image quality is achieved through the use of a 3.1 megapixel sensor and the new hemispheric lens. Since the image distortion correction of the hemispheric view and the generating of the panoramic view take place in the camera itself, no additional load is placed on the viewer PC compared to a standard camera. Thus, displaying a large number of panoramic cameras simultaneously on a single PC is possible. The surround function of the q24 immediately replaces four conventional cameras and shows four different directions simultaneously in quad view on a monitor. Virtual PTZ is available for each of the four views.

The q24 stores high-resolution video with sound directly on the integrated Flash memory without using an external recording device or PC and therefore, without generating additional network load. Old recordings can be overwritten automatically or deleted after a predefined period. The storage capacity is sufficient for around 100,000 panorama images or 1,000 minutes of film.

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