08/18/2010 • Automation • Sensor Technology

From the inventor of the ultrasonic double sheet control: the new dbk+4

All-round talent can even scan thin Washi (Japanese paper) or wafers.

In 1999 a well-known printing machine manufacturer for the first time used the microsonic dbk-4 double sheet control in his sheet printing machines. Since then the field of applications has extended far beyond this.

microsonic has now brought a new generation of ultrasonic double sheet controls onto the market. The new dbk+4 goes down extremely well thanks to an absolutely new field of application and that fact that it unites several variants of its predecessor in just one appliance.

Three control inputs now enable 3 pre-set working ranges to be selected – and also changed during ongoing operations. "Standard" covers the broadest spectrum of materials and weights for the straightforward double sheet monitoring. "Thin" is used especially with very thin papers or films. The "Thick" working mode is there for scanning thick plastic films or PCBs.

An LED signals whether the user has pre-selected the right working range.

The teach-in mode always comes into play when two materials are bonded across their entire surface such as, for instance, two wafers with a water film or sheet metals with an oil film. The control inputs allow a single sheet to be taught and, as a result, to react at this stage to minor variations.

All these functions, including a trigger mode for stream feeders, are now united in one model.

The markedly reduced housing dimensions and angular head, outsourced receiver transducer and small M12-head variants make for optimized integration of dbk+4 into the machine.

A further special feature revolves around visualization of the dbk+4 readings on the screen – made possible by the free microsonic LinkControl software. This helps the user to quickly establish whether he has chosen the right settings for his applications.


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