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MINI-IQ-Drives electronic servo amplifier series provides up to 1 kW of power / miniaturised drive controller - 1 kW in business card format

The new MINI-IQ-Drives from WITTENSTEIN electronics GmbH
The new "MINI-IQ-Drives" electronic servo amplifier series from WITTENSTEIN provides up to 1 kW of power while occupying a surface area of only 50x80 mm2 – no bigger than a standard business card! The extremely compact and robust controller is powered from an input of 12 to 60 V DC and supplies phase current output of up to 21 A. The miniaturised drive controller is suitable for use in extreme ambient temperature environments from -40 to +85°C. It is thus well suited for distributed automation solutions that require a fast and precise response to application-oriented events.

The drive electronics are available with a CAN bus interface. This interface supports the CANopen standard communication profile DS301 and the device profile DS402. Two analogue and two digital inputs are additionally available as well as two digital outputs. The connection to the outside world takes place over an optional connector board. Without the connector board, the automatic controller can also be custom integrated directly into an electronic motherboard of the customer’s own design.

Aided by an efficient signal processor, the automatic controller with its scanning rate of 32 kHz supports the following modes of operation:

  • Position control
  • Speed control
  • Torque control

The drive can provide speed and torque controlled operation either with a motor feedback encoder or without one (i.e. “sensorless”).

The assembly-friendly output stage modules of surface mount design save time and costs in the production process with high product quality and reliability. The product line combines an outstanding price/performance ratio with extremely high quality and offers a broad application scope for drive solutions in the food processing, handling, packaging, printing, paper, plastics, semiconductor and textile industries.

Both the hardware and firmware can additionally be adapted to customer-specific requirements. In this case, the controller is precisely and flexibly tailored from WITTENSTEIN’s modular function blocks to fulfil each customer’s application needs. This made-to-measure philosophy results in a unique concept that gives the customer a high degree of freedom when it comes to organising and sizing the drive system, up to and including the housing form and design.

MINI-IQ-Drives can be used to drive precision AC servo actuators made by WITTENSTEIN cyber motor directly. These miniaturised drive systems offer the highest power density, dynamics and precision available in the brushless servo motor industry today. The components have been validated together and are already operating successfully in a variety of demanding applications.

Technical specifications

  • Power supply 12 to 60 V DC
  • Nominal continuous current up to 10 A rms
  • Sine wave commutation for quiet operation and maximum power density
  • Operating modes:
    - Speed control
    - Torque control
    - Position control
    - Sensorless control (EMF based)
  • Fieldbus: CANopen protocol with device profile (DS402) and communication profile (DS301)
  • PC interface: USB 2.0
  • Extended temperature range (-40 to +85°C)
  • 16 kHz PWM frequency
  • 32 kHz controller frequency

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