04/21/2010 • Image processing / Optical metrology

e2v AViiVA EM1 - GigE Vision Line-Scan-Camera features the highest line rate of the market

The e2v AViiVA EM1 camera offers ease of use, multi cast capabilities and overall system cost perspectives of the GigE interface. e2v AViiVA EM1 features unmatched electro optical performances and the highest line rate of the market. The camera embeds an advanced GPIO that meets with the latest Genicam standard and SNFC v1.2.1 in order to bring the most versatile solution and the needed interoperability to deal with peripheral components. A user friendly software package is also released and includes iPORT PureGEV suite from Pleora and standard/high performance drivers.

Key Features:

  • 4096 (10x10µm) pixels and
  • 2048 (14x14 µm) pixels
  • High Sensitivity CCD-Sensor
  • 100% Aperture, Built-in Antiblooming, No Lag
  • Automatic tap balance and Flat Field Correction
  • Dynamic Range 68 dB
  • Advanced GPIO
  • Contrast expansion
  • Spectral Range 250 - 1100 nm
  • Pixel Clock 120 MHz
  • Line rate up to 54 kHz
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