03/08/2010 • Laboratory appliances • Microscopy / Imaging

Optical Micro- and Nano- metrology

To image and measure small structures, forms and surface roughness has become more easy, fast and versatile with the Sensofar PLµ NEOX, distributed by the Schaefer-Tec group.

The optical profilometers of the PLµ series combine the two complementary measuring techniques of confocal microscopy and interferometry in one and the same instrument. With this, high resolution 3-D imaging and dimensional measurements of nearly all kinds of surfaces are obtained easily and fast. Thanks to a unique and patented microdisplay- technology the measurements are done without moving parts, providing a very low noise level as well as a high vertical resolution in the sub-nanometer range.

The new PLµ NEOX continues this successful concept but expands the functionality and user friendliness to new heights. A second CCD camera in the instrument allows overlying the true colours on top of the shape of the surface. The instrument is also fitted with two high power LED light sources, a blue light for highest lateral resolution in confocal mode as well as a white light LED for best results in vertical scanning interferometry. An optionally integrated spectroscopic reflectometer provides the thickness measurement of thin transparent layers of 10nm to 40 micrometer thickness with a resolution down to 0.1nm at a small measuring spot of some micrometers laterally.

The motorized table, axes and focus as well as high degree of program customization allow full automation of the measuring process and of the result reporting.

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