02/26/2010 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

Capillary Ion Chromatograph System

The Dionex ICS-5000 is the first capillary Ion Chromatography (IC) system to feature Reagent-Free IC (RFIC-EG) technology. The operator benefits from lowest detection limits even in small sample volumes (for example, 70 fg fluoride in 0.4 μL), the lowest eluent consumption (5.25 L per year), and easy-to-use operation. This is achieved using cartridge-based consumables housed in the IC Cube.

Fast run times of less than 5 minutes are supported as a result of the extended pressure limits of the ICS-5000 system. The ICS-5000 system supports standard-bore, micro-bore, and capillary column formats. In its dual IC version, the system can be operated as a hybrid system supporting, for example IC x Cap IC, with minimum detection limits for anions and cations in the sub-ppt range.

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