02/12/2010 • Video security and monitoring

GVS1000 Long Range Imaging system

The GVS1000 is a system designed for long range, day/ night, pan-tilt-zoom surveillance. The system delivers 1 km of recognition-level performance and 1200 m (3900 ft) of classification-level performance in total darkness. The GVS1000 provides long range 24/7 imaging for critical applications such as port and maritime monitoring, transportation and airport surveillance, and border and extended perimeter security.

To effectively perform to such capabilities, the GVS1000 is equipped with an IR-corrected, long range lens capable of 60x optical zoom. With a focal length of 12.5‑750 mm or 25‑1500 mm (with doubler function engaged), the lens works together with the high performance Dinion XF sensor to produce ultra-high quality images at far distances in day and night conditions.

System capability is greatly enhanced using active IR illumination. Two sets of illuminators are provided; one for long range and one for medium-to-short range night imaging. There are no safety concerns, as is the case with laser‑based units. IR illumination can be controlled manually or put into automatic mode for auto on/off function via a photocell. For control, the GVS1000 is compatible with Pelco P/D
protocols input via RS422/RS485.

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