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New electronic cylinder switch from Balluff. BMF 235 – the new standard for T-slots

Series BMF binary switching, magnetic field sensing electronic cylinder switches from Balluff are known for their flexibility. Positions can be detected on virtually any pneumatic cylinder or gripper. With their new BMF 235, sensor specialist and network provider Balluff has rounded out their line of magnetic field sensors with a special model designed for T-slots. The new electronic cylinder switch features an especially short housing of just 23 mm and an extremely bright LED for the switching function. The LED is easily visible even from a distance of 25 meters on a brightly lit factory floor.

Insertable in the T-slot from above, this flush mount sensor can be installed even when the slot end is obstructed. It disappears in any T-slot without protruding. 8 mm shorter than the previous models, the BMF 235 is the ideal choice for short stroke cylinders, mini-grippers and other space-critical applications. In practical use this mini-sensor features high accuracy, short overtravel distances and low hysteresis.

A new fastening concept ensures that the new sensor is securely held in place in any T-slot. New key details include a fastening point – seen from the cable – in the first third of the sensor with little contact surface for leverage forces, a knurled screw and a cable clip for strain relief and secure cable routing. The holder element is already built into the sensor. Installation and adjustment is quick and easy with just a slot head screwdriver or Allen key.

The new BMF 235 magnetic field sensor is available with IP 67 protection in PNP normally open / normally closed and NPN N.O./N.C. versions, each with cable or pigtail (M8, M12). There are also BMF V-Twin versions consisting of two BMF 235 sensors and a plug connection (M8 and M12). The V-Twin versions are an especially cost-effective and time-saving solution when multiple switching points need to be detected inn the same application or when you need to double the number of inputs in a splitter box. Just one port is then required for two sensors.

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