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New high performance spectrometer at Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH: Lifespec II

Recently a new addition to the Edinburgh Instruments Ltd’s spectrometer range,
specifically designed for TCSPC- based fluorescence lifetime measurements has
been launched.

The new compact lifetime spectrometer Lifespec II by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd’s
incorporates a double monochromator in subtractive configuration for zero-temporal
dispersion. This compact high performance spectrometer offers a wavelength range
from 200 up to 1700 nm and an IRF of 25 ps – depending on detector and excitation
light source. For excitation of liquid and solid samples either small pulsed diode
lasers, supercontinuum or Ti:Sapphire lasers can be used. Despite its compact
design the Lifespec II offers various options like polarizers, cryostats for temperature
control of the sample, different sample holders etc. Even including all these options
the Lifespec II is fully computer controlled and is the perfect system for every
laboratory dealing with spectroscopic research.

Edinburgh Instruments Ltd. is one of the leading fluorescence spectrometer
manufacturers since 1978. Their product range comprises modular spectrometers for steady-state and lifetime measurements (picoseconds to milliseconds in a spectral region from 200 nm to 5.5 μm) as well as small compact mini spectrometers for TCSPC lifetime measurements. Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH is the exclusive dealer for these spectrometers in Germany and Austria.

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