06/25/2009 • Building Security

High Speed Alarm (notify as many people as possible in crisis situations) Replace your radio paging system

Security and accessibility are key features of every business. Did you know, that your existing PABX Switch is able to handle as many calls as you wish – especially in crisis situations? Just expand your switch with ARUTEL made by TAS.

ARUTEL is a valuable contribution to the Security of your company: A sudden and not expected occurrence must be communicated quickly internally and externally. Through efficient planning of potential scenarios you wish to reduce response time and initiate adequate reactions within seconds. With the result of a reduction of both time and costs.

ARUTEL allows to notify as many people as possible internally or externally. Over 1000 calls are possible within minutes or even seconds. You may send spontaneous Messages to an open or closed Group of people or call your security personnel via mouse click. All personnel will be called in a Crisis committee.

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