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Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Benches Airstream

Esco Airstream Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Benches offer proven protection for your samples and processes where operator protection is not required. Vertical laminar flow offers certain tangible advantages over horizontal flow clean benches (which may be the convention in some parts of the world), such as lower energy consumption (40% of conventional systems) levels through the use of exclusive motorized impeller technology and less airflow turbulence (especially when large objects are used in the work zone). In fact, the negative pressure filter mounting system employed on these models is widely recognised to be superior to that of conventional horizontal flow clean benches.

  • ISO Class 4 air cleanliness within work zone as per ISO 14644.1 (equivalent to Class 10 as per US Federal Standard 209E, 10 times "cleaner" than the usual Class 100 classification on clean benches offered by the competition).
  • High-quality polyester pre-filter and main ULPA filter with a typical efficiency of 99.9997% at MPPS and 99.9998% at both 0.3 and 0.12 microns provide the best product protection in the world; typical main ULPA filter lifespan is more than 3 years depending on the usage of the clean bench.

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