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DICTATOR walk-in-cooler doors

Keep the doors safely shut plus reduce the time needed for closing the door

DICTATOR’s contribution to environmental protection: reliably closed sliding doors prevent the loss of heated or cooled down air DICTATOR not only closes and keep closed hinged doors but also sliding doors. This prevents that heated up or cooled down air can escape. How often do lightweight sliding doors slam shut and then bounce back open slightly! Through the gap left by this valuable and costly energy escapes. Or the door is not closed at all. To achieve this the DICTAMAT 50 sliding door closer is used more and more on the access sliding doors of cold-aisle containments.

DICTATOR door checks on walk-in-cooler doors: DICTATOR door checks not only keep the doors safely shut but also reduce the time needed for closing the door. The door just has to be pushed in closing direction. Shortly before slamming against the frame in the closed position the door check slows down the door and shuts it safely, reliably and quietly.

For decades the DICTATOR door checks have been used on cooler doors, that are indispensable in the food industry, shops and restaurants. Now more and more coolers are equipped with sliding doors. For these due to its extremely small size the JUNIOR door check is the ideal solution.

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