05/29/2009 • Automation • Industrial PCs

The Best Integration with Medical Cart

The built-in battery provides the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) function, ensuring the POC-3174B reliably used for medical cart application. The built-in battery allows standby power for data backup and management under sudden power shut-down situation, increasing redundancy for real-time medical record processing. The unique AUPS software facilitates real-time battery monitoring requirement. The network remote management software enables power control for each terminal POC-3174B from a central station, reducing the maintenance cost for the end user.


  • 17" all-in-one medical panel PC
  • High performance Intel Core 2 Duo CPU support
  • Bult-in battery for UPS function
  • Smart AUPS battery monitoring utility
  • NetWork remote mangagement advantage
  • User-friendly touch screen

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