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Tecan and GE Healthcare collaborate for high throughput process development

Expertise from two leading companies combine to bring increased quality, efficiency and reliability in the field of process development. Combination of technologies substantially shortens time-to-clinic and reduces amount of required sample in process development.

With recognized expertise in their respective fields of laboratory automation and protein purification, Tecan and GE Healthcare are working together to bring increased quality and efficiency to process development. The collaboration between the two leading suppliers focuses on high throughput screening of protein purification conditions, using the winning combination of Tecan’s Freedom EVO® automated workstation with GE Healthcare’s PreDictor™ 96-well plates prefilled with BioProcess™ chromatography media.

The throughput, precision and robustness of a Tecan automation platform ensures reproducible results from GE Healthcare’s 96-well process development technology, providing efficient miniaturized, parallel screening performed in a multivariate fashion with minimal cross-contamination. The combination of the technologies substantially shortens time spent on process development while allowing the investigation of a much larger experimental space, resulting in greater understanding of the process. The unique solution for the screening of process conditions provides process developers with quality, efficiency and reliability in downstream process development.

“With this collaboration, we have created a powerful solution for process development,” said Eric Willimann, Market Manager Protein Science, Tecan. “The combination of GE’s chemistry and Tecan’s hardware will provide our customers with a rapid and efficient method of screening process parameters, with minimal hands-on time.”

“Automated, parallel screening allows the process developer to quickly gain a greater overall understanding of the process,” said Catharina Hemström Nilsson, Market Program Manager, GE Healthcare. “Much more informed decisions can be made for process optimization, substantially shortening time-to-clinic. The data recorded are valuable from a regulatory perspective and help to define a robust manufacturing process.”

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