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Orthos: security interlocks for access control

Orthos electronically monitored interlock systems meet the highest security requirements and provide optimum protection for sensitive areas of a building. The interfaces for customised security levels are flexible: from merely authorising staff access using a card reader or code keyboard to recording weight or verifying identity by means of a biometric system inside the cabin.

The Orthos product family also includes modular PIL-M02 one-way corridors for use in airports at the critical crossover points between air and land areas.

Special feature / Orthos security interlocks
Contact mats or scales installed inside the cabin prevent a second person from passing together with the authorised person. Additional biometrical systems inside the cabin can be used to verify the identity of the user and therefore prevent misuse.

Product advantages / Orthos security interlocks
► reinforced units for protection against vandalism, burglary,
     firearms and fire
► two-zone contact mat for additional security
► installation of scales to record weight limits for additional security
     or exact weight for the highest security level
► option with fire resistant shutters
► all-glass units for an extra stylish look

Fields of application / Orthos security interlocks
► IT centres
► R&D centres
► Nuclear power plants
► Banks and financial institutions
► Restricted areas of airports and administrative, government
     or company buildings
► Crossover from air to land areas at airports

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