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Water-based polyurethane glove with unmatched dexterity and high cut protection - HyFlex® 11-435

Ansell introduces HyFlex® 11-435, the first cut resistant level 5 glove on the market made with waterbased polyurethane. The new HyFlex® 11-435 combines outstanding cut protection, with the renowned dexterity, fit and comfort of the HyFlex® range.

Water-based polyurethane glove with unmatched dexterity and high cut protection

Handling of sharp-edged objects, pre- assembling, cutting of small dry or lightly oiled parts, maintenance, in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Transport equipment

Water-based polyurethane
Ansell’s HyFlex® 11-435 is the first cutresistant level 5 glove on the market made with water-based polyurethane. The new, water-based polyurethane HyFlex® gloves are a radical leap forward in long-term safety and care for the environment. Using water instead of dimethylformamide solvent in the manufacture of polyurethane gloves increases the safety of Ansell workers. Furthermore, it results in much more environmentally friendly manufacturing. Finally, our customers also benefit from this manufacturing technique: water-based polyurethane enhances the dexterity and comfort of the glove, as the polyurethane doesn’t penetrate
inside it.

Unmatched dexterity and high cut protection

  • Extreme resistance to cuts, abrasions and burrs.
  • A seamless plaited glove for very good fit, dexterity and flexibility.
  • Excellent breathability and cool feeling.
  • There is no polyurethane penetration through the glove liner, so it is softer on the skin.

Cost efficient

  • The grey colour of HyFlex® 11-435 masks dirt for longer usability.
  • Excellent washability ensures prolonged lifetime.

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