02/19/2009 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

UviLine 9100/9400: The new Spectrophotometers from SCHOTT Instruments

SCHOTT Instruments announces two new high-performance single beam spectrophotometers:

UviLine 9100 for measurements at VIS range (320 – 1100 nm) and
UviLine 9400 for measurements at UV-VIS range (190 – 1100 nm)

These new instruments convince with an exceptionally wide performance range including

  • Measurement of absorbance and transmission
  • Concentration measurements (up to 8 standards)
  • Multi-wavelength measurements (e.g. for DNA/RNA or protein determination)
  • Spectra scan and kinetics with online graphic display
  • Extensive evaluation functions
  • The option of storing more than 100 own methods, up to 1000 measuring values and 30 spectra.

A QuickLock system allows to fit the UviLines easily with a wide range of accessories (e.g. cuvette holders from 10-100 mm, automatic sample changers, thermostated holders, sippers).

There are two USB interfaces for the connection to a PC or to peripheral devices.


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