02/10/2009 • Automation • Image processing / Optical metrology

Matrox Iris GT - small, fast, and rugged Smart-Camera for machine-vision

The Matrox Iris-GT is powered by an Intel 1.6 GHz Atom processor and runs Windows CE 6.0, Microsoft's real-time embedded operating system. Matrox Iris GT features an integrated graphics-controller with VGA output, 256 MB DDR2 memory, and 1 GB of flash-disk.

For connectivity to external devices, Matrox Iris-GT includes a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, a USB 2.0 port, an RS-232 serial port, an opto-coupled trigger input and strobe output. Matrox Iris GT also supports Ethernet/IP and Modbus over TCP/IP communications to directly interact with PLCs and other automation equipment.

Matrox Iris GT is housed in a sturdy, dust-proof and washable casing and is initially available in two sensor configurations:
Matrox Iris GT300 - 640x480 @ 110fps 1/3" monochrome CCD and
Matrox Iris G1200 - 1280x960 @ 22fps 1/3" monochrome CCD.

Matrox Iris GT is available either with the Matrox Design Assistant interactive development environment (bundled with each unit) or with the Matrox Imaging Library (sold separately).

Machine Vision Software

Matrox Design Assistant
In the Matrox Design Assistant environment, users interactively create a flow chart of the application instead of programming or scripting. Each flowchart "step" translates into an instruction for the Matrox Iris-GT camera to capture, locate, measure, read, communicate and interact with other devices. Matrox Design Assistant offers all required vision tools for most applications with the same reliability and robustness as MIL. Matrox Design Assistant's integrated HTML editor and layout tool gives users the flexibility to create a custom web-based operator view for monitoring the application.

Matrox Imaging Library
Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) is a comprehensive collection of optimized software-tools for developing industrial-imaging applications that run under Windows CE 6.0 and other operating systems. The toolkit features interactive software and programming functions for performing image-capture, image-processing, image-analysis, annotation, display and archiving. MIL specifically includes tools for calibrating, enhancing and transforming images, locating objects, extracting and measuring features, reading character strings, and decoding and verifying identification marks.

MIL's easy-to-use coherent application programming interface (API) has stood the test of time. MIL pioneered the concept of hardware independence with the same API for different image-acquisition and processing platform

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