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bellavista: ventilators from advanced home care to the ICU

Good things can be improved. With this in mind, we have developed a revolutionary new generation of ventilators. bellavista ensures a step into the future for all of our clients. Not only the attractive, elegant outward appearance, outstanding technology and high ventilation performance, but also the new, groundbreaking operating system set the bellavista product range apart from the competition.

bellavista refreshingly redefines ventilation technology with an attractive yet conspicuously discreet design, which stands out from the typical clinical instrumentation and integrates functionality, Swiss quality and high performance with user-friendliness and innovative design. The revolutionary multi-user concept simplifies operating the device for patients, nurses and doctors and the multi-media videos decrease training expenditures.

The bellavista® 900 model was especially developed for home use. The minimalist design enables easy-handling for patients. The device is small, compact and with its built-in rechargeable battery, ideal for transport.

The bellavista® 1000 model was designed for home as well as hospital use. Key features include an easy to handle touch screen display and an operating surface which adapts to all users’ needs.

bellavista 2000® is primarily used in pneumology departments and sleep laboratories as a support for the diagnosis of respiratory diseases. Specialists have a unique device at their disposal, which optimally supports their daily work.

bellavista 3000® is used for the treatment of serious respiratory diseases, post-operative treatment and for long-term patients in subacute and intensive care units.

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