Matrox Concord-F and MIL-Driver for Firewire-Cameras

The Matrox Concord F-series are IEEE 1394b adaptors that, through MIL, enable the use of leading IEEE 1394 industrial cameras implementing the standard IIDC protocol. These adaptors, by way of MIL, support up to the S400 and S800 modes of IEEE 1394a and 1394b respectively, ensuring maximum camera performance and minimal transfer latency. In addition, the use of bilingual copper connectivity provides for cost-effective cabling.

The “framegrabber” support 64-bit conventional PCI and x1 PCI Express™ host interfaces. They are also pre-licensed for the MIL IEEE 1394 IIDC drivers, so a supplemental license is not required. Furthermore, Concord-F can be used to obtain and store the license for additional MIL functionality. Like other Matrox Imaging hardware, the Matrox Concord family has a managed lifecycle and long-term availability.

Software support is available for 32-bit Microsoft® Windows® XP and consists of the field-proven, hardware-independent Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)/ActiveMIL or MIL-Lite/ActiveMIL- Lite development toolkits for creating custom applications.

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