02/27/2008 • Image processing / Optical metrology

e2v line-scan camera AViiVA UM8 – 12.288 pixel

The e2v AVIIVA UM8 is a member of the AViiVA line-scan camera family dedicated to industrial machine vision applications. This camera provides more-detailed inspection in a multi-camera system, with 12K pixels of resolution, eight taps working at 40 MHz, line rates reaching 25k lines per second and a dynamic range of 64 dB. It specifically meets the demand of end-users who require inspections in less time.

The AViiVA UM8 embeds e2v own CCD sensor design and process expertise with 12.288 pixels of 5 µm each. Building on the experience of its line scan technology, AViiVA UM8 is a further commitment to innovation. The cubic design integrates the best of e2v technology to provide: higher sensitivity leading to a superior dynamic range even at an ultra high speed, easy implementation including flat field correction and automated tap balancing. The outstanding design of the housing is very compact and ensures heat-dissipation, better sensor alignment accuracy that minimizes the cost of optics and lighting, which are key features for multi-camera systems.

Additional benefits of the optimized size of the cubic design allows simpler camera accessories and significantly reduced multi-camera system costs for customers in flat panel display inspection, PCB inspection and high performance Web inspection applications.

The e2v AViiVA UM8 is delivered with a Camera Link configuration interface that allows easy implementation of the camera into existing systems. It includes fine gain and offset settings, an output mode of 8 to 12 bits, flat field correction and automated balancing of the eight taps.

This camera is compatible with fast and power full frame grabbers currently available. The CommCam GUI concept (graphical user interface) with its plug-and-play system has contributed to the success of e2v AViiVA line scan cameras. It enables automatic identification of the camera range, faster programming, multilingual programming of settings, easy saving process and uploading of firmware for upgrades and customization.

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