12/22/2006 • Systems and Components

Multitalent in EI&C Engineering

The development of EPLAN PPE on a new platform brings extra power in EI&C engineering. The unrestricted comparison of all the data from preliminary, basic and detailed planning results in a consistent machine/plant documentation that is superb. With a modular structure and available in all common languages, the instrumentation and control system has advanced to a multitalent.

The new version of EPLAN PPE stands for continuous EI&C engineering - from the process of recording the first plant data during basic planning through to mounting documentation and schematic creation. The reason: EPLAN PPE bases on the new EPLAN development platform that provides a direct connection to instrumentation-and-control engineering and electrical engineering. All the data that were recorded in the preliminary planning phase can be included 1:1 in the detailed planning. Multiple entries or incorrect manual transfer of project data are passé. All the modifications are included online in all the components of the plant documentation, which is consistent at all times. An unbeatable advantage in creating extensive and high-quality project documentation in engineering processes transcending various disciplines.

Integrated Flexibly in the System Landscape
Highly varied design processes have established themselves in EI&C technology (electrical, instrumentation and control technology) – fixed defined procedures tend to be the exception in plant engineering. This fact makes the openness of a design system with regard to individual ways of working even more important. EPLAN PPE offers undreamt-of freedom in this respect.

Irrespective of whether PCT loop data are to be imported from higher-level function overviews, MS Excel spreadsheets or other databases: The available interfaces and the API (Application Programming Interface) allow simple system integration in existing structures.

Clever Connection to AutoCAD
Thanks to the integration in the new EPLAN platform, it is even possible to subsequently link schematics that have already been created in EPLAN Electric P8 with the loops and consumers already recorded in EPLAN PPE. Flexibility that cannot be topped. The modular structure of EPLAN PPE means even more freedom for the users. Every user gets exactly the functionality that required for the respective task. The P&ID module for creating higher-level function overviews in AutoCAD allows PCT loops and devices to already be defined during preliminary planning in the EPLAN-PPE-specific database. The symbols placed in AutoCAD are linked online with EPLAN and thus guarantee continuous project data down to the schematic. An enormous advantage when one takes into account the great effort of carrying out a manual synchronization between the higher-level function overview and the schematic when the PCT loop data are modified. EPLAN PPE synchronizes all the information automatically and relieves the user of tedious standard tasks so that he can concentrate completely on the plant engineering process.

Everything Rapidly At a Glance

Further modules such as a stand-alone version or the add-on version for EPLAN Electric P8 allow an individual system configuration.
The new EPLAN Viewer is now able to visualize the plant data recorded with EPLAN PPE completely. All the information can thus be viewed simply by all the project participants, modifications are available immediately. On top, the EPLAN PPE Web Viewer allows access to the entire plant documentation on the Internet, naturally irrespective of where you are. The advantage for mounting and for plant operation: Simple and intuitive access to the complete plant documentation results in more speed during operation.

In the field of machinery and plant planning the quality and the scope of the project documentation is becoming increasingly important. This applies in particular to instrumentation and control technology where, for historical reasons, many "do-it-yourself" solutions or drawing tools are used for engineering. Consistent identification systems from the higher-level function overviews through the PCT loop diagrams to the schematic are required. Detailed device specifications for designing the measuring technology under inclusion of external documents such as device data sheets and operating instructions that are supplied directly by the manufacturer complete the extensive machinery and plant documentation.

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