12/19/2006 • Automation

Accessory with additional advantages:

With the bus connector plug EasyConn PB Vipa is offering an accessory for practical use with well thought-out performance characteristics. For the first time a micro-controller has been integrated into a Profibus connector which can provide information on power supply, bus function, termination and possible bus failures via four LEDs. With the integrated PG/diagnosis jack the plug is especially suitable for application in extensive plants. The metal case offers high security against interferences and robustness.

The bus cables can be easily connected with the insulation piercing technique: open the cover, insert the unisolated cable, close and fix it with the captive screw. Additional security for the connection of incoming and continuative bus lines is given by the transparent cover and its possibility of visual inspection.

Connection with a highly-flexible bus cable from Lapp according to Type A (EN 50 170) will also be possible with immediate effect.

The termination can be activated and deactivated with a comfortable slide switch which also enables the disconnection of the continuative bus line. Thereby tests can be conducted without having to remove or connect cable and plug. The EasyConn PB offers cable outlets in 90°, 45° or 0°. The 90° variant is also available without diagnostic function.

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