12/19/2006 • Automation

EtherCAT for high speed automation (www.speed7.com)

The SPEED7-CPU 315NET from VIPA rounds the portfolio of the high speed automation devices further up. The CPU offers an EtherCAT master interface at the Ethernet-CP. The configuration of the EtherCAT bus system takes place via a Windows based graphical configuration tool. The configuration data is transferred to the control together with the STEP7 project.

This system allows the user to access the EtherCAT bus components directly from the S7 environment.

Of course, the CPU is programmable in STEP7 from Siemens and is adjustable to the command repertoire of S7-300 or S7-400 from Siemens. The PLC is designed for time-critical applications and shall at the same time fulfill the growing need for rising memory capacities. The memory is dynamically adjustable to the needs of plant and application also subsequently without the need to exchange existing hardware. Only a memory extension card (MEC) has to be plugged into the card slot to release further memory. The number of required CPU types that the user has to hold out for all applications is thus reduced to only one. Together with the Ethernet interface, the integrated master for Profibus-DP and the MP2I plug, the CPU supports all important interfaces combined in one system.
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