PROCENTEC is an independent company, that concentrates all its products and services on PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology. Their main business is the export of products and the world wide support of end-users.

The technology and innovative solutions offered by PROCENTEC´s diverse business portfolio enables customers to successfully participate in the world of Industrial Automation. They take pride in possessing in-depth knowledge of Fieldbus requirements in Factory and Process automation and the expertise to create innovative solutions for these areas.

Profichip GmbH is a private held company located in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

Since 1998 the team of profichip is developing industrial communication and control ASICs.

Based on their experience in the field of automation technology profichip provides silicon solutions for customers throughout the world.

Now profichip distributes and supports the new PROFIBUS Analyzer on USB.

ProfiTrace is the most powerful high-speed network analyzer for PROFIBUS DP / PA. It is based on USB and is the latest generation in the line of Busmonitor technology. The analyzer has advanced algorithms and a smart link between protocol and electrical measurements. This outstanding tool will boost the limits and capabilities of service, maintenance and engineering personnel.

The analyzer is an essential tool for commissioning, troubleshooting, maintenance as well as product development. The classical failures such as double addresses, wire-breaks and configuration faults are easily identified. Random errors such as data overshoots, damaged telegrams, repeats and diagnostics are also be captured and logged. Predictive maintenance and asset management are now really possible!

Software Features

Works on PCs / PGs and Laptops with a communication processor attached to the USB

port (ProfiCore).

Supported operating systems: Win98(SE), Win2000, WinXP.

Language: English.

Intelligent real-time Live List

Colorful representation of detected devices.

Fixed places for addresses.

Failure counters for every error and device (repeats, dropouts, etc.).

Message history.

Advice & warnings: Ident.-Number mismatch, Watchdog not set, Illegal configuration.

Last diagnostic, parameter, configuration and data exchange message.

GSD fi le management for product and diagnostic identification.

Intelligent message sampler

Colorful visualization of FDL, DP, DP-V1 and PA messages.

Messages can be filtered and stored.

Data interpretation engine (floating-point and status values).

Error detection.



Electrical noise detection (glitches with an accuracy of 40 nanoseconds).

Hardware Features ProfiCore

Full speed USB interface.

PROFIBUS baudrate max. 12Mbit/s.

Galvanic isolated PROFIBUS Interface.

Latest RS 485 technology.

Trigger port for oscilloscopes (message capturing).

Interface module can be used by other applications (master functionality).

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