12/08/2006 • Metrology

Xenon-Arc light source for technical applications

The TecXon lamp technology always provides the necessary light reserve. The flexible customized adaptation system allows the connection to nearly all known fibre light guide systems. >Cash Back< through the characteristically long working life of the lamp which amounts to approx. 5,000 h (35W) and 3,000h (50W) as compared to that of a halogen lamp. Colour-true dimming of light intensity through shutter technology (iris). Ideal for high-performance light guide fibres thanks to exact focus of light source.

  • Compact design, small dimensions
  • Extremely long working life of lamp up to 6,000h
  • 35W and 50W versions available
  • VIS and UV versions
  • Absolute colour trueness of light through iris control
  • Low noise (temperature-controlled)
  • High-Tech lamp system with heat protection for light guide system
  • Illumination by customized or standardised fibre light guide systems
  • Universally applicable: electronics, mechanical engineering, criminal investigation, etc.

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