12/07/2006 • Medical tech

The Tissue Adhesive Even for Long Wounds under Tension!

Hospitals and private practices using tissue adhesives already, mainly take it for the treatment of small wounds only, because the tensile strength of most adhesives is not strong enough for long wounds under tension.

Epiglu Approaches This Differently!

The tissue adhesive Epiglu has proven itself for many years and is applicable for all external wounds. The healing process occurs fast and without an infection. The patient can immediately resume his personal daily hygiene (washing/showering).

For the fast application in the emergency room, private practice or operation theater Epiglu is available in different packages and sizes.

New at the Medica: Epiglu Single Dose (0.3ml/cc)

Stored under the right condition Epiglu has a shelf life of three years. Competitors shall match it, if they can!

Get in touch with us, we will be happy to send you further information or refer to the distributor in your country.

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